3 Essential Bathroom Upgrades for Your Next Remodel

Mar 12, 2020

Bathroom remodels are one of America’s favorite remodeling projects, second only to kitchens!

While we love a good kitchen remodel, bathroom upgrades are affordable, easy, and completely transformative.

What are the top three ways that you can take your bathroom up a notch?

Read on to find out more about the top three best bathroom upgrades.

1. Update the Tub or Shower

Where do you spend the most time in the bathroom? For most of us, the answer is the tub or shower. Since we spend a good deal of time in there, it might as well look good!

Do you find yourself scrubbing and scrubbing only to end up with dull, lackluster surfaces? Over time, the finish on a tub or shower starts to wear off, especially if it was made cheaply. That means that no matter how much you clean, it’s going to look as though there’s still a layer of opaque soap scum on your tub or shower.

If you’re going to update your bathing area, consider what you most desire. If you’ve always had a tub-shower combo and never once used the tub, why not update to a gorgeous walk-in shower? Or, if you’re really more of a bath person, why not opt for a stand-alone tub?

2. Replace the Tiling

A new tub or shower isn’t complete without some new tile! Whether you want to retile the walls surrounding the tub or shower or want to do a full retiling of the floor, your bathroom upgrade options are limitless.

Tile gives you a great opportunity to play with shape and color, giving the same bathroom a completely new look. Large, light-colored tiles will brighten up the room, amplifying any natural light your bathroom may receive. Small, multi-colored tiles laid in fun patterns can bring a retro or early 20th-century look.

Even if you love the tile you have now, you may want to have it redone. Older grout mixes may not be as waterproof and pressure resistant as new grouts and epoxy resins. These old, vulnerable materials are prone to chipping, cracking, and swelling from water damage. Having your tile pulled up and relaid can make your bathroom feel fresher and cleaner!

3. Improve the Lighting

Whether you want a more amplified light for doing your hair or applying makeup or you want mood lighting for your bathtime routine, lighting can make a huge difference.

Fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and give your skin a sallow appearance when you look in the mirror. Studies have found that older fluorescent bulbs can even cause eye disease. Switching your bulbs and fixtures for a softer, more natural-looking glow will eliminate these potential problems.

Speaking of natural light, have you ever considered bathroom windows? Frosted panes can maintain your privacy while filtering through the sun’s gentle rays!

Start Your Bathroom Upgrades Today

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