How to Design a Bathroom to Create More Storage Space

Mar 12, 2020

You get up every morning, ready for another day of work, and as you walk into the bathroom to hop into the shower… all you see is clutter.

This is no way of starting off your day but when you have a small bathroom, it’s very easy for it to become unorganized and cluttered. You don’t even know how it happens!

Here’s the thing: when it comes to toilets, size doesn’t make. What matters is knowing how to design a bathroom and create more storage space. Interested? Keep on reading!

How to Design a Bathroom and Make It Look Bigger

Making a room look bigger is about two things.

Firstly, it’s about knowing how to use color, furniture, and windows to give the illusion of a bigger space. Going for light tones on the walls, allowing plenty of natural light in the room and placing your mirrors strategically are three great hacks.

Secondly, making a small room look and feel bigger is about creating more storage space, so that there’s no clutter taking up space. Three simple storage hacks for your bathroom are:

1. Use Ladder Shelving

Our first tip isn’t only clever, but it will also give your bathroom a fun, trendy look.

Ladder shelving doesn’t take up as much space as a bathroom cabinet and it allows you to have many levels of shelves that will probably be enough for all your toiletries and bathroom essentials, especially if you live by yourself or with your partner.

You can buy ladder shelving at a decor store but if you have the right materials at home, why not go DIY? A fun project for you and a much more sustainable choice for the planet.

2. Go Crazy on the Hooks

Okay, maybe going crazy isn’t the best word.

However, having a few around the toilet can save you a lot of space. Just think about it: we all use multiple towels in the bathroom and some of us even use a robe.

So, our tip is that you choose the number of hooks according to how many people you live with and how many towels and robes are usually used at the same time.

3. Use Wall Space

Perhaps you’ve had plenty of storage space right under your nose this whole time and you didn’t even notice it… yes, we’re talking about that empty wall space!

There’s a lot you can do with it: from adding shelves for your electronics to adhesive hangers for cleaning products, organizers for your makeup, a shelf by the bathtub with your shower products. The point is: free wall space can make for great storage areas.

Ready to Start Redecorating?

As you can see, making a small bathroom feel bigger doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process.

There’s no need to tear down entire walls or do any big renovations. All you need to do is learn all the hacks on how to design a bathroom to create more storage space.

If you’d like a hand assessing what can be done for your specific bathroom, we’d love to help. Fill out our form to get a free pricing and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any other bathroom storage hacks!